Mold Making

 With more than ten years of experience in mold R & D, design and manufacturing, Sunny Mould could provide customers with high quality mold solutions.focusing on high-precision and high-performance mold manufacturing, we have rich experience in multi-cavity molds, thin-wall molds, unscrewing molds, stack molds, and in-mold labeling molds.
In the field of thin wall and in-mold labeling container (IML) mold manufacturing, we are committed to delving into IML technology, which is at the leading level in China.IML products apply to event cups and household cleaners to ice cream, paint and coatings, personal care, yogurts, prepared meals, and condiments.molds export to North America, South America and Europe, and received high praise from customers.
We use high-precision YASDA, MAKINO, Jig grinding equipments to meet a variety of high-precision mold manufacturing.With the aim of accurate delivery, prompt service and quality assurance, we provide customers with excellent service.

CNC precision machining

EDM precision machining




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